Jet lagged in Sydney

Posted on Feb 1, 2015

Jet lagged in Sydney

Picture this. It’s 3am in the morning. We are all tired, but still wide awake. Lucas is running around in the apartment and Emily can only cry – very loud. Then the doorbell rings; it’s the downstairs neighbor, who is very annoyed that we woke her-up. Oops sorry. But after watching some movies on the ipad, things calm down and one hour later we are all asleep, albeit Emily can only sleep if we put her in her car seat. At noon we all wake-up because we have too, and very slowly. Welcome jet lag!

IMG_20150129_105809255From Africa we had planned to travel to New Zealand. Our next country on the list where we want to spent a couple of months. But unfortunately there are no direct flights and to limit our travel time to 12 hrs, we decided to have a 4 day break in Sydney. Knowing that we would be jet lagged, we choose to stay in Bondi beach and we found a nice apartment on AirBnB within walking distance from the beach. The iconic Bondi Beach is well-known for its golden sand, blue ocean and stretches of stunning coastal scenery and advertised as the place to experience its carefree sun-drenched lifestyle. A perfect place to recover and recharge.

Well I must admit, Bondi beach is beautiful but also a totally different world from Africa. Crowded IMG_20150130_155812819with tourists, well dressed rich and chic girls and sun-tanned hyper fit surfers, everyone is enjoying the beach. The streets are lined with designer clothes, boutique ateliers and health food shops. Petra enjoyed that she could finally get her green smoothy and diary free coconut milk ice cream. Ohh, and the joy of being able to order without having to ask a zillion questions in restaurants! All menus were marked for vegetarian, gluten and dairy free. They even had sweet treats that she could eat! (with a little fantasy you can imagine her almost jumping up and down with excitement)

The only downside of Sydney is that everything is expensive. Really expensive. A simple lunch (in a popular beach restaurant) costed us over 100 Aussie dollars (about 70 Euro). Maybe if we would have left Bondi beach things would be a bit cheaper, but even at the airport we were surprised at the prices. A luggage trolley sets us back 4 Aus$, while in most airports around the world you get a trolley for free.

IMG_20150201_161130317Now we are waiting at the Qantas lounge in Sydney airport, on our way to Christchurch. We have a few hours to spare here as our flight is only later today. The lounge has a kiddies play area, so it is easy to keep the kids entertained, while we can catch-up on email, blog and our books.