Homeschooling, un-schooling, world-schooling, regular schooling. On this page we will share our journey about finding the right education for our kids and for ourself. During our sabbatical we practiced a combination of world-schooling and homeschooling. Mostly we learned by the things we did and visited along the way. We also used more regular materials from the Wereldschool (World school) in Lelystad.

Right now the kids are enrolled in a Waldorf school. Home schooling is not allowed in the Netherlands, unless under certain stringent medical or religious exceptions. We were not impressed by the offering of the regular school, so we decided to look for a school where not only knowledge, but a much wider set of creative skills is taught. A school where kids can be who they really are and where they can pursue their own interests. 


We will also continue our World-Schooling, but at a somewhat slower pace during weekends or holidays, pursuing the interests of the whole family. And who knows, one day we might be on the road again full-time.


And of course, not only the kids, but we also need to continue to learn and grow. Some well known people that inspired us to embark on this adventure:

Martha Beck with"Finding your way in a wild new world"

Boyd Varty with "Cathedral of the wild"

Tara Marino with "Elegant Femme"

Joseph Jaworski with" Synchronicity"